Friday, January 23, 2015

New Deadline

Hubby and I had set the goal that we would do 6 natural cycles, followed by medicated ones in January 2015 if the natural cycles didn't work.

As you can guess by my lack of an adorable, perfectly planned pregnancy announcement - I did not conceive on my natural cycles. Despite that they were pretty darn good for a PCOS'er. Despite that, for the most part, they were regular and within the normal time frame. Well, except this last one. This last one was alarmingly similar to my pre-weightloss, pre-oopherectomy (sp?) PCOS periods...and that scares me. It was a 36 day cycle, followed by an 11 day period...which is quite a stretch from my previous 29-33 day cycles followed by 4 day periods. So it's scared me a bit...and I'm worried all my hard work to lose weight and get healthy isn't enough for PCOS.

On top of that, we had our follow up appointment with my Doctor to decide on a specialist and begin treatment scheduled for this week - except it was cancelled and scheduled for the end of February. Yep, you read the right. THE END OF FEBRUARY. That's 6 weeks away...and then I will have to wait to see the specialist because that's how this stuff works. It looks like I won't start any kind of medicated regime Womp womp. That's five months that I could have been 3 or 4 months pregnant during!

There is so much I love about Canada, and having "free" healthcare....but wait lists are not one of them. Ugh.

So it looks like I have a couple more natural cycles to do before I'm ready to start medication....which is super disappointing because I was so looking forward to this but everything happens for a reason right? I'm going to look at it like that and use these last couple months to master my new diet and my new love of running (more on this in another post).

Monday, January 19, 2015

#microblogmondays My Butt Hurts

Moved this weekend. Everything hurts hair, my ankles, my toes, my back, my legs, my arms and ... butt cheeks. I need a massage but I feel like if I go somewhere for a butt massage...well perhaps it's not the kind of place I want to go to. 

Hubby said he knows of a place downtown that does that, but you have to go through the back door, use a fake name and pay in cash. Wow, sounds like exactly what I'm looking for...or not. He's so funny and helpful.........

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