Sunday, 24 August 2014


It's been a long, exhausting two weeks since Adams accident. I've been worrying constantly, running around to help where I can while working full time and handling dogs and nephews. It just feels like I haven't taken a deep breath since then.

I was dreading this weekend. I had promised Big Boy (nephew #1) that we would have our very first sleepover in 'two weeks'....which I had stretched out into two months because Big Boy isn't great with time. We finally booked it a couple weeks ago, and then Adams accident happened and I wasn't sure if we could do it. However Adam continued to do well, and I wondered whether or not I had the energy to do it. But the weekend came anyway, and I found myself with not only Big Boy but Little Boy as well for the weekend. I was terrified.

However, it went incredibly well. We took Big Boy to the aquarium on Saturday while Little Boy went to Grandmas. The Aquarium was always. I just love, love, love it there.

I could spend DAYS gazing into those tanks, watching the fish swim and the coral and sea weed sway. Any baby we have will have a sea life nursery - that's something we always knew. It's just so mesmerizing and relaxing. I think my dream house would be an underground house with windows looking into the ocean, so I could lay in bed and watch schools of fish swim by.

Big Boy had a blast and Hubby loved it too. Such a fun day!

We finished off the day with a play and some dinner at Grandmas and I brought both boys home for a snuggle, and bed. Little Boy went to sleep early, but Big Boy stayed up to cuddle and watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. 

He feel asleep and hubby carried him to bed. The next morning began with early morning baby snuggles (the best!) in bed with Big Boy. Then we had pancakes and peaches, and packed up our stuff to head to the beach.

It was the perfect day. Sunny, warm and with a slight breeze. There were lots of waves and the water was cool, but nice. We just swam and relaxed and played, such a nice way to end the weekend. 

Of course, we brought home most of the beach with us when we left....but it was a fantastic day and ended in the sleepiest bunch of boys....and Aunts!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Life isn't supposed to be easy

An update on Adam: thank you for your prayers! He is doing better...he had to have another surgery to remove gangrene from his broken femur incision. He is more conscious now and getting back to his old self. He is still bed ridden and has developed small pulmonary embolisms and a bit of pneumonia. His spirits are up though, and that's so important. Their kids have been staying with their aunts and uncles, rotation between homes. His wife has been driving over 2 hours every day (one way) to spend the day with him, carting their 9 month old along, and I know she's exhausted. I'm praying he will be moved to a facility closer to home soon. We started a fundraiser for them and in two days recieved almost $7000 in donations! Wow they are loved and surrounded by such generous people! It will certainly help big time in the coming months, but I know they will need a lot more. I plan to arrange another one once he's home and can attend so it will tie them over until they're able to return work or his insurance kicks in. No one ever expects this to happen to them but it sure made me realize the importance of a full savings account! I'm so glad and so thankful he is ok.

It's been hard on everyone in her close circle. Being the support and trying to seem strong while being sick with worry. Nothing compared to what she and her husband are going through, but it's still hard. We will all be happy when he's finally home and recovering. It doesn't escape anyone how miraculous this has been - it's amazing that he's even alive considering how bad the accident was. Thank God!

His grandmother is like a grandmother to me, she's been in my life since I was 7 and I really love her. I ran into her at the store yesterday and we were talking about it and she said, out of the blue, 'you know, life's not supposed to be easy. It's supposed to be hard, and how you handle that hardness is what determines whether you have a good life or a bad life.' And she is SO right. This is hard - on them, on their family and friends, on everyone in their circle. But rather than be depressed and sad, we're raising money for them and rallying around their kids and house to take care of them. We want them to know how loved and supported they are. In all of that, it becomes not so awful. And while this is certainly a challenge of immense proportions, it's not going to ruin their lives. She's not the kind of person who allows that. They will learn and grow and strengthen from it, and then move on. And I just know, having know her most of my life, that she will have a good life despite this...simply because she is determined to create one.