Monday, March 2, 2015

#microblogmonday Bra Fitting

I was going to flag this post as a TMI post but then I remembered about cervical mucous and sperm counts and realized that the TMI ship has sailed....

I ordered bras online because I hate bra shopping. I ordered them from the store I always order them from, and in the size I always wear. So I was pretty surprised when they arrived and were too small. Much to my dismay, I had to pack them up and go to the store to return them (or wait 6 weeks and do it by mail...). I explained what happened to the clerk and she advised I get a bra fitting since our bodies change all the time. I last had a bra fitting 6 years ago - and there have been lots of weight fluctuations and hormone therapies since I wouldn't be surprised if things had changed. As it turns out, I need a larger cup size. The new bras fit great, so I bought a bunch and moved on with my day.

Fast forward to when I got home - Hubby was digging through the bag to see what I got (probably thinking it was fun lingerie or something) and pulled out the new bras. He remarked on how they looked bigger, and then saw the size on the little tag attached to the strap. He was thrilled, and had this dorky grin on his face for the rest of the day - confident that I had gone into the store and came out with bigger boobs.

Just for the record, my boobs are exactly the same size as they were when I went in. This store doesn't offer any special, black market, boob jobs (at least, not that I know of) that can be completed in an hour. However, the mere idea that they're bigger left him thinking he won the jackpot.

Ahhh, to be as easy to please as my husband is. Men...

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

So-So Appointment...

So I finally got in to see my new RE yesterday. It was interesting, to say the least.

He started out with a friendly chat, asking us questions and getting to know us. I really liked him. Then, he asked us something that shocked the hell out of both of us.

"So, do you want to go straight to IVF or try medicated cycles?" I was shocked, and kind of stumbled over my answer of "Well, I'd prefer not to do IVF if you think it's possible?" Panic filled me.

He thought for a moment. "Your reports all look good. I really think you could have a natural or medically assisted pregnancy without going into something as invasive as IVF." I let out a huge sigh at this, and nodded my head. "Yes, that's what we want." I said, feeling the panic slide away.

"Ok, but there are some big changes you have to make first." He said, and the panic returned.

We proceeded to have a really good, really long chat. Despite my initial misgivings, I feel pretty good about our plan. Like always, it's not happening as fast as I had hoped...but then, nothing ever does - does it? I have to remember that I am 28...I have time on my side.

The go ahead plan:

1) Hubby was under the gun this time. His SA continually comes back as low volume. Not a huge problem, but coupled with PCOS it can be. He is having blood work to check his testosterone levels, and has been told to do his best to lose 30 lbs before the next visit.

2) Hubby has also been officially banned from hot tubs, saunas, beer drinking and sitting for long essentially the very best things in his life. His face was hilarious, you'd think he lost his best friend (maybe he has??). I reminded him the sacrifices I'm making, and he managed to pull off a smile after that. LOL.

3) Hubby is now on Zinc and will be on a supplement to help the increase testosterone if his tests come back as low T...which is what the doctor is expecting.

4) I am to keep on the way I'm going. He vocalized that if I could lose another 25 pounds he'd be pretty happy. I think I can do that considering how much I've been exercising.

5) He wrote me a prescription for a better prenatal vitamin and wants me to have a rendezvous with the dildo cam to make sure no cysts have formed at that my ovary looks good.

6) He gave me a special form he uses for tracking, as well as a BBT, a small collection of OPKs and some guidelines on cervical mucous. I need to track all four for three months on his fancy tracking sheet that is way more in depth than anything I've found on line.

I have an appointment 15th of June to see where we're at. If Hubby's T levels are good, if my tests are all clear, then we start Clomid then (woot, woot!). I am not thrilled with waiting another 3 months, but all in all as long as I'm pregnant by Christmas, I will be a happy girl. :-)