Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Physicians Glasses

Hubby has been kind of melancholy lately. I've been trying to pry into that man soul and see if I can find out what's really going on....because it has to be more in depth than his reasons (I have heartburn, I'm worried about the house, I really want to try hunting this year but I don't think I'll be able to....etc. etc.). They're all relatively superficial, so that can't be whats lulling him into the blues. So I put on my Physicians Glasses (I'm not a physician), whip out my leather lounger and start prying. 'I'm going to list off some topics, you tell me when one of them provokes a negative or uncomfortable feeling.' Once he tells me one makes him upset, I say 'and what emotions do you feel when I mention this topic?' And when he tells me, I say 'and what about _________ makes you feel ___________?' Until we've sufficiently dug up a whole bunch of dirt that makes him feel worse, not better, and we still don't know what's really bothering him.

So now I'm worrying that he's depressed and wondering if I should try and get him to go see a doctor. Of course, he's resistant ... But I insist its a good idea and it will make him feel better.

So he goes to the see the doctor, and I sit on pins and needles waiting to find out what he has. I'm thinking depression since he was a child of a broke. Home, has a alcoholism in a parent and stifles his emotions instead of talking about them. He might even have PTSD or a little bit of Borderline or something. I'm waiting anxiously for his call....it felt like it was taking forever. The longer it took, the more sure I became that he was definitely struggling with some kind of mental health issue and would be medicated and therapies and all that jazz and I started to panic a bit.

Then, just at the height of my anxiety he calls. He talked with the doctor for an hour, and came out with a prescription. A prescription for .... Wait for it .... Heartburn. (See first paragraph)

And much to my surprise the medication is working. He feels better, he's sleeping better and he's back to his old self. Not depression, not PTSD, not borderline.... Heartburn.

Insert crazy face here.

Guess I shouldn't quite my day job.

Monday, October 20, 2014

It's the "It's too early for Christmas" early Christmas post.... #microblogmondays

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I’m not going to lie. Yesterday I totally broke out my card making supplies, a couple good Christmas movies, and started making Christmas cards. I know, it’s not even Halloween yet…and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Halloween (making some kick ass costumes for me and Hubby but I can’t post until next weekend after we reveal them at a Halloween Party) but Christmas just holds a special spot in my heart and I get so excited when we start getting closer to December. Also, in my defense…the cards need to go out by early Dec so that’s really only like 6 weeks (OMG is that all it is?) and it takes weeks to make enough cards, because I want to put the time and energy and love into each one that I feel it deserves, and I only have so much time to dedicate to making cards (it’s a big ordeal to get set up and once I start I get in “the creative zone” so I need to make sure I have a couple hours to dedicate to it before I bother). I do this every year, and every year the first 8-10 cards I make never get sent out because my skill improves or I find a new card style I like or something that by the time I actually get to Christmas, they’re no longer any good in my perfectionist mind. So I have a whole shoe box full of “not quite good enough” cards that I don’t know what to do with. I also have some really awesome (and adorable) stamps that are meant to be coloured in with marker or chalk or paint, and I think I’m going to have all the boys over for a day where we make their parents cards with those ones, so they can colour them in however they want to and maybe we’ll back some Christmas cookies they can give to them as well. Maybe next year I’ll try my hand at some fun Halloween designs to keep my mind on the present and NOT on Christmas when it’s not even November yet…sorry guys! I just can’t resist….it the MOST wonderful time, of the year!!!! (Sorry in advance if that caused an ear worm).

P.S: Megs, after re-reading this post, you are absolutely right...when we buy our new house, I will just make the dreaded empty room a craft room, since I clearly need one!