Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday #1 & #2

Two Wednesdays ago I started Weight Watchers. I've heard lots of success with this program, and I am determined to lose weight before I begin medicated cycles next year.

Growing up, I didn't struggle with my weight. I wasn't overweight. I was normal. But then, around 22, I started to find weight was sticking around my middle when it hadn't before. Not much really changed about my habits, and I was really surprised. Then I got married and started trying to have a family, and my lifestyle did change. My husband (who refs, plays hockey, works outside) ate a ton of food and it never seemed to make him gain any weight, and I found myself slipping into his eating habits. Except it didn't fall off me like it did off of him. I found out I had PCOS when I went to my Doctor about my sudden weight gain, and he recommended Weight Watchers as being a great resource for women with PCOS. I didn't try it, I figured I could lose the extra myself. This began a two year cycle of losing **lbs, then gaining a bit back, then losing some, then gaining some. It seemed like every bad cycle resulted in a couple extra pounds - and that adds up! So here I am, not my heaviest but certainly not content with my weight. Again my Doctor (a new Doctor now) recommended Weight Watchers so I decided to give it a try - what do I have to lose? Just lbs!

Life got away from me when NB went missing, so I didn't post on here so this post will be Weeks 1 and 2 combined - but from now on I'll post weekly on my weigh-in day which happens to be Wednesday!

Week 1:
It went really well. I was super surprised to discover my high ticket items (like orange juice) which I wouldn't consider unhealthy but they come with a high point value. I swapped out the high ticket items for the real thing (oranges) and saw a huge decrease in the amount of points I was using up. Water is my primary drink, but it always has been. However I used to have a lemonade with lunch (the natural, organic kind) and found that the point value of that is TOTALLY not worth it. I'm back to just plain water and fruit with lunch instead. I also found the amount of food I'm allowed to eat to be shocking - it's more than you expect, as long as it's the right foods.

Things I've Learned/Miss? I don't miss much, because I'm still allowed most things. I just have to either do the exercise to make up the difference, or have a salad for lunch instead of a sandwich. It's all about learning balance.

Loss/Gain: -3.6 lbs (woot woot!!)

Week 2:
It went well as well. Now that I realize what items are higher point value, I am not trying them - I am just sticking with water and lots of fruits and veggies (most are 0 point value) for the snacks and drinks. My meals I am still working out. I used to have a bagel with peanut butter and an apple for breakfast, but bagels are really high in point value. I swapped that out for oatmeal with apple and cinnamon and was pleased to see a drop in points. Then I swapped out the milk I put in the oatmeal for skim milk or water, and my point value dropped some more and yet didn't change the satisfaction of the meal. It's little things like that, that make the difference. I don't feel like I'm dieting either, which is really nice. I am not denying myself anything, I am just learning moderation and balance.

Things I've Learned/Miss? The power of drinks. Seriously. Those are what throw people's weight loss under the bus I think! It's amazing how many calories can be in an organic, low cal/no sugar added drink! Stick with water - and get your sweet tooth filled by eating fresh fruit and veggies.

Loss/Gain: - 2.7 lbs (WOOHOO)

Total Loss = -6.3 lbs (in just TWO weeks, I am super excited about this!)

(It's also worth noting that Hubby, who has been subjected to my healthier meals but otherwise is not participating, has lost 4 pounds. I'm happy for him, but for real? The guy eats a bagel with peanut butter and jam every single day of his life, followed by a calorie filled flavoured coffee! ...what a rip off! Excuse me, while I sip my lemon water and eat my oatmeal. LOL)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Infertility Minded

So, one of my coworkers always has these locked off "private" appointments in her calendar in the morning and sometimes the afternoon. I always see them when I'm booking appointments with her, but I don't usually pay any mind to them...although it doesn't make me wonder why she has so many private appts.

The more I saw them in there, the more I wondered and began to think maybe she was going through fertility treatments - blocking off time for monitoring and/or medications. She has two small kids, so it seemed likely that maybe she was trying for a third. Sometime ago I decided this must be the reason, and kind of started to think of her as a fellow comrade.

So today, we were chatting, and she mentioned that her husband things its ridiculous that she has to make private appointments in her calendar just to drive/pick up her kids from daycare.

I laughed with her and kind of shook it off, while inside I was mortified. Here I was assuming (and I hate assumptions) that she was going through infertility simply because she had private appointments every day marked off in her calendar. My mind immediately went to infertility...not picking up kids or exercising or meditation or 30 minutes to gather herself before a crazy hectic day. 

But I guess I'm not surprised, because that's kind of all we see, isn't it? At least I do - I see fertility or infertility everywhere I turn. It seems like every woman I see is pregnant or carting around a baby, and every couple who's been married longer than a year and has no children yet must be infertile. I see regular appointments in calendars as good ole dates with the dil*o cam. I see sharp containers in a bathroom evidence of PIO shots rather than diabetes. It's like I have blinders on and all I can see is either fertility or infertility. When did I become to narrow minded? I guess when having a baby became the only thing I wanted.

Speaking of which, I think it's time for a TTC update. We're currently in our second last natural cycle before we start seeing our specialist in January. I was really hoping to get pregnant before then...and I guess there's still time....but I am not so sure.

With my new job comes new benefits that actually cover some of the fertility treatments (woohoo!)! I am super excited for that. It's actually renewed my interest in medicated cycles...although I am not sure I'm ready for IUI or IVF yet. There is just something about having help to pay for these things that makes them so much more palatable.

My cycles are still irregular but they are coming every month so that counts for something. Previously, I could go 6 months without a period and would end up going to the Dr. for progesterone to get them started...but now they arrive between 4 and 7 weeks apart without medication....good enough for me.

My cycles range from 15 days to 38, with O happening (if it happens) around CD13. The most average cycle seems to be around 30 days. I'm OK with this time period, it's actually almost within the normal range although I do find it kind of odd that I'm ovulating so early...I have ovulated more often than not since I've been trying natural cycles and that's pretty big news for someone with PCOS. I'm happy with these results. Now that I've got my paperwork in order, I'll be well prepared for my appt in the New Year so hopefully we can do some blood work and then jump start into some assisted cycles by February. I don't know if I'm just feeling good, but I have a really good feeling about next year and I really, REALLY hope that by next Christmas, we'll be a family of (at least) 3.