Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Shock For Us All

I don't know if you guys have heard about it but if you haven't, you should google what happened in Ottawa yesterday and Quebec before that.

In Ottawa, A soldier guarding the war memorial, was shot and killed by a gunman who then proceeded into the parliament buildings where he proceeded to continue shooting. A guard in the parliament buildings shot and killed the gunman. They are still trying to determine if more were involved or not.

While the death toll was only 1, and to some that may make it less tragic than other is worth considering to that soldiers family it is the most tragic thing they will ever experience. The people who were witnesses will never forget what they saw and it may very well be the most tragic thing they've ever experienced. The sense of security that was ripped from thousands of people who won't forget this moment either. The fact that someone came in and killed an innocent man standing guard over a memorial meant to honour our lost and dead soldiers is unthinkable. The belief is that this is a terrorist act.

It makes me sad that acts of such hatred take place any where in the world and daily...but I'd be lying if I said it weren't a bit sobering happening right in my backyard. I just wish there were some way for everyone in the world to find a way to live in peaceful difference. To stop the hurting and the hate and the violence. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Physicians Glasses

Hubby has been kind of melancholy lately. I've been trying to pry into that man soul and see if I can find out what's really going on....because it has to be more in depth than his reasons (I have heartburn, I'm worried about the house, I really want to try hunting this year but I don't think I'll be able to....etc. etc.). They're all relatively superficial, so that can't be whats lulling him into the blues. So I put on my Physicians Glasses (I'm not a physician), whip out my leather lounger and start prying. 'I'm going to list off some topics, you tell me when one of them provokes a negative or uncomfortable feeling.' Once he tells me one makes him upset, I say 'and what emotions do you feel when I mention this topic?' And when he tells me, I say 'and what about _________ makes you feel ___________?' Until we've sufficiently dug up a whole bunch of dirt that makes him feel worse, not better, and we still don't know what's really bothering him.

So now I'm worrying that he's depressed and wondering if I should try and get him to go see a doctor. Of course, he's resistant ... But I insist its a good idea and it will make him feel better.

So he goes to the see the doctor, and I sit on pins and needles waiting to find out what he has. I'm thinking depression since he was a child of a broke. Home, has a alcoholism in a parent and stifles his emotions instead of talking about them. He might even have PTSD or a little bit of Borderline or something. I'm waiting anxiously for his felt like it was taking forever. The longer it took, the more sure I became that he was definitely struggling with some kind of mental health issue and would be medicated and therapies and all that jazz and I started to panic a bit.

Then, just at the height of my anxiety he calls. He talked with the doctor for an hour, and came out with a prescription. A prescription for .... Wait for it .... Heartburn. (See first paragraph)

And much to my surprise the medication is working. He feels better, he's sleeping better and he's back to his old self. Not depression, not PTSD, not borderline.... Heartburn.

Insert crazy face here.

Guess I shouldn't quite my day job.